Having no knowledge of what “BROCKHAMPTON” is, I heard about their new album being a hip hop group inspired by the famous group “Odd Future” with Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and more. Being Kevin Abstract the leader of the group having a 17-track new album named SATURATION with an experimental, catchy rap songs.


I believe that the only people who are going to read this would be BROCKHAMPTON followers as this being my first post, so for all the fans of the group that are reading this, you must be happy. From beginning to end  this album is a non-stop of great, well-structured, cool, and most of all catchy (that I love because of this). The album starts with HEAT (7/10) which is a super aggressive track to begin the album, although I don’t think it gives the album vibe you’re going to have with most of the album, and is the song I listen the least separately, but I give it credit with how aggressive and well-structured it is. GOLD (9/10) would be a track that gives the album vibe with the catchy hook and the nice background beat, being one of the best song on their entire project. Everyone who listen to STAR (8/10) will likely going to like it because of the pop-culture reference they make, also it is a great track with a lot of creativity. BOYS (8/10) start with the already catchy vibe, followed by the great verses ,and some sort of flute in the background that makes it unique. 2PAC (not rated) being a 1 minute duration song, gives a chill mood.

SKIT 1 (not rated)

FAKE (10/10). “Yippy Yay Yippy Yay”. This song is hard to forget with its hook that fits perfectly with the beat. The production is all over the place, and I love how they used the auto-tune on purpose to make it sound perfectly. There is no wrong in this song. BANK (8/10) . “Still the only one I do that with”. I like a lot that catchphrase. The bridge just improves the entire song. Nice track overall.

SKIT 2 (not rated)

TRIP (9/10). “Today Imma be whoever I wanna be”. This songs seems more as a pop track with a great beat over it, but it fits great in the album. There is nothing else I can say about this track, I love it. SWIM (10/10). The song starts with the guitar giving the space vibe and what the beat comes it completes the whole sensation that the song is giving to you. The verses, also, fit the spacey mood the song has. BUMP (6/10). “When this ends at least I have a reason to live”.  It is clear what they are trying to do in this song with the aggressive verses and the simple solo chorus with the guitar in the background. It is a cool and fun track, but weird to listen sometimes. CASH (7/10). Catchy catchy. Also, the guitar provides the relaxed mood of the song. The last verse in the song is nasty, and finishing it off with the solo “Me against the world” that keeps providing the mood the song gives unlike BUMP.

SKIT 3 (not rated)

(I do enjoy how the skits are placed and how they use the same format and story line.)

The last 3 songs are what I consider a perfect sequence. MILK (9/10) with another catchy hook, funny and simple verses, and also a simple beat that fits well into the song. This track has a kind of mini interlude at the end which I like. FACE (8/10) with a great and catchy chorus. “I need a friend, you need a hoe.” You can notice how all the artist in the group interact in each song with their colorful hooks, and how each verse fits nicely in each track. WASTE (10/10). There is no better way to end the album, honestly this song complements the whole album vibe. With the simple guitar at the background, and the singing of the lead artist. Although it is really short, but for me I found it perfect. In the first listen I didn’t like it at all, but throughout the listens I started to enjoy it every time more.

With this project, I am looking forward to what BROCKHAMPTON will release next. Rating this album SATURATION (9/10).

This being my first post, but I will like to improve in my vocabulary and many aspects as well. The reason I start writing is because I love giving my opinion about something, but their is a lot people that found my music or movie taste to be bad, so I will write for myself and whoever who wants to look at my opinion. Also, I will like to rate whatever I’m going to rate in a different, more creative style being more simple and attractive to the reader. PILAS.